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BOSAI + Tourism Contents List

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Area Photo BOSAI + Tourism contents title Organization Names How to implement BOSAI contents Required time for BOSAI contents

Kesennuma City

Permanent Exhibition: Tour and explanation by the curators of “Records of the Great East Japan Earthquake and History of Tsunami Disasters”.  Permanent Exhibition: Tour and explanation by the curators of “Hakobune Nikki” (Ark Diary) – the history, folklore, and lifestyle of the Kesennuma area.

Rias Ark Museum of Art

Lecture / Lecture tour / Self-guided tour

Minimum: 60 minutes, Maximum: 180 minutes

Kesennuma City

Earthquake Lecture

Kesennuma Ooshima Tourism & Convention Bureau


Basically 60 minutes *Consultation is required for changes in duration

Kesennuma City

A Storytellers Guided Tour about the Great East Japan Earthquake

Volunteer Station in Kesennuma

Lecture tour

Minimum of 1 hour. Can be adjusted according to the schedule and number of participants.

Kesennuma City

Tour of Kesennuma/ Motoyoshi Disaster Prevention Center (earthquake experience, smoke experience, etc.)

Kesennuma/ Motoyoshi Disaster Prevention Center

Lecture / Lecture tour / Other (Various experiences)

N/A (Usually from 30 to 120 minutes)

Kesennuma City

Museum Tour: Hands-on Museum to Learn About the Bonds Between Kesennuma Residents and the Sea


Self-guided tour


Zao Town

Disaster Preparedness Program: Develop the Ability to Protect Yourself

Miyagi Prefecture Zao Shizen-no-ie (Zao Nature House)

Lecture / Workshop / Other (Various experiences)

30 minutes to 3 hours (depending on the contents of the hands-on programs)

Tomiya City

Lecture on Creating Local Disaster Preparedness Map (My Map) by Walking around the Town

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Support Center

Lecture / Workshop

1 lecture = 2 hours; 3 lectures for map creation x 2 hours = 6 hours

Kurihara City

Kurikoma Mountain Geo Tour: Learn about the ground formation, and disaster preparedness and risk reduction

Mt.Kurikoma Area Geopark Promotion Committee

Lecture tour

2 - 6 hours

Miyagi Prefecture Other

Tour the purification center facilities in Miyagi Prefecture

Miyagi Prefecture Central Southern Sewerage Office (Jurisdiction of Each Purification Center)

Lecture / Lecture tour / Other (visiting the facility)

About 1 hour (Please consult about the contents and the duration of the tour.)

Sendai City

[Lecture] Disaster prevention capability and disaster reduction capability to protect children ~what I want parenting supporters know~(For childcare providers, local residents etc...)

Mine Sato


Around 1 to 2 hours (Request dependent)