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BT0012 Watari Town

Reconstruction Volunteer Tourism at the Local Farm, "Oraho Farm"

Contents/Itinerary for BOSAI

“Oraho-no-Hatake” ( local farm) is a vegetable garden led by elderly people who had lost their home farmland due to the tsunami, as well as those who had left their local community due to relocation after the disaster. Participants perform farm work together with local residents, and are having lunch made from vegetables harvested at the local farm together after the work. The aim of the program is to utilize idle farmland and encourage the psychological recovery after the disaster of affected elderly people.

What we want to tell through our BOSAI contents

1. Reconstruction of Affected Areas
Create opportunities to think about the future of the area through involvement in the reconstruction process.
2. Disaster Preparedness Education
Understand the significance of tsunami-control forests, and understand the importance of disaster prevention by participating in activities.
3. Career Education (Kokorozashi Education)
Deepen understanding of local industries, such as local forestry, the seedling industry, landscape gardening, etc.

Minimum capacity

1 person Negotiable.

Maximum capacity

About 5 people Negotiable. Tours to look around the farm only (without farming experience) available for groups of up to 30.

Fee (Per person or per activity)

1,000 yen per person
(Lunch fee)

Required time for BOSAI contents

1 - 3 hours After your farming experience, eat a lunch full of the vegetables harvested on the farm! Contact us for more details.

Disaster Categories

Tsunami / Torrential rain and typhoon

Disaster phases of the contents




How to implement BOSAI contents

Self-guided tour/ Other (Experience-based tour)

Organization Names

NPO Watari Greenbelt Project