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BT0074 Kesennuma City

Recovery story of the fish market in Kesennuma City

Contents/Itinerary for BOSAI

This is a program which explains about the fishing industry, fish, and reconstruction at Kesennuma City fish market where reconstruction was quickly completed after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
1. Long course:
1-1 Learn about the fishing industry in Kesennuma with a video
1-2 Visit fish market from observation deck on the 3rd floor with a guide.
1-3 We will explain about the story of reconstruction from the disaster on the fish market's rooftop.

2. Short course
2-1 Learn about the fishing industry in Kesennuma with video
2-2 Look around the fish market freely from visit deck on the 3rd floor
*In this program, there would be a case that participants cannot see the fishes being brought in due to market closure and arrival of fishing vessels.

What we want to tell through our BOSAI contents

1. You can easily learn about the fishing industry, which is one of the major industries in Kesennuma, with an explanation from a guide and a video.
2. The reason that Kesennuma City fish market, which had suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake, completed reconstruction early was because of the continuous effort by the people who were involved. So we will tell you about our situation at that time.

Minimum capacity

Minimum of 10 participants

Maximum capacity


Fee (Per person or per activity)

1. Long course:1,000 yen per person (20% discount if the group has more than 20 people.)
2. Short course: 500 yen per person (20% discount if the group has more than 20 people.)

Required time for BOSAI contents

1. Long course: about 70 minutes 2. Short course: about 30 minutes

Disaster Categories

Earthquake / Tsunami

Disaster phases of the contents

Aftermath of a disaster (72 hours) / Reconstruction


General / Elementary, junior high and high schools

How to implement BOSAI contents

Lecture tour / Self-guided tour / Other (Show image)

Organization Names

Kesennuma Tourism & Convention Bureau