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BT0005 Sendai City

Learn measures to be taken in the event of a disaster through disaster preparedness games

Contents/ Itinerary for BOSAI Tourism

Learn measures to be taken in the event of disaster via through various games in an easily understood manner.
Our workshop consists of games such as the “Evacuation Site Management Game (Hinanjo Unei Game): Sendai Version (HUG-S)”. This is a more advanced game based on experiences during the Great East Japan Earthquake. There is also the “Evacuation Site Activity Group (Katsudo-han) Image Training (KIT)”, which is a more practical game based on entry-level HUG-S. Finally, there is also the “Cross Road Game”, where participants have to think about how to act and make judgmental decisions in various situations in the event of disaster. Each game is expected to take about two hours.

What we want to tell through the experiences of BOSAI Tourism Contents

(1) Evacuation sites run by evacuees themselves leads to faster independence.
(2) The important point of providing accommodation for evacuees is to understand problems they have.
(3) Those who are unable to return home after a disaster are not be guests, but rather human resources to help operate the evacuation site.

Minimum capacity

20 people

Maximum capacity

40 people ( up to 100 people can be accepted, depending on the contents of the course)

Fee (Per person or per activity) for BOSAI Tourism Contents

10,000 yen for one hour – divided by the number of participants (e.g. 1,000 yen per person if 10 people participate)

Required time for BOSAI Tourism Contents

2 hours

Disaster Categories

All disasters

Disaster phases of the contents

Aftermath of a disaster (72 hours) / Emergency restoration


General / Voluntary organizations for disaster prevention / Local Authorities / Enterprises / Elementary, junior high and high schools / University students / Educators / Other (neighborhood association representatives, local welfare volunteers)

How to implement BOSAI Tourism Contents

Lecture / Workshop

Organization Names

SONAE BOSAI Research Institute