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1 About BOSAI + Tourism

BOSAI + Tourism has been set up to introduce the BOSAI + Tourism Program, where experiences of the Great East Japan Earthquake and other disasters are introduced on the web site. You can learn lessons from those experiences and utilize them for your future BOSAI. By visiting this site, you can prevent your memories of disasters from fading away and obtain knowledge about BOSAI. You can also enjoy tourism contents.

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3 Use of [BOSAI] + [Tourism] Archive and BOSAI + Tourism Contents

(1) You can search contents and information which local governments have registered, including Sendai City and Miyagi Prefecture in BOSAI + Tourism.

(2) You can narrow down your search by local governments' names, types of disasters or categories using a key word.

(3) We give special consideration to allow you to utilize disclosed information as freely as possible to make the most of future BOSAI + Tourism.

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(1)About Links

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