BT0014 Natori City

Storyteller Tour

Contents/ Itinerary for BOSAI Tourism

On this program a guide explains about the Great East Japan Earthquake damage to Yuriage in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture while riding around the Yuriage area with participants on a bus.
After this tour, participants will then make a visit to either the temporary shopping area, “Yuriage Saikai Market”, or the Yuriage Morning Market Association, “Maple House”. A variety of local specialties are available here. These specialties have a good reputation among people who purchase items as a way of supporting reconstruction.

What we want to tell through the experiences of BOSAI Tourism Contents

We hope our stories will be a help for your disaster preparedness and risk reduction activities.

Minimum capacity

10 people

Maximum capacity

120 people (up to 3 buses)

Fee (Per person or per activity) for BOSAI Tourism Contents

5,000 yen (incl. tax): 1 bus with 1 guide.
(Note: Visitors are expected to make the bus arrangements)

Required time for BOSAI Tourism Contents

About 1.5 hours (including shopping time at the Yuriage Saikai market)

Disaster Categories

Earthquake / Tsunami / Other (fire, flood etc.)

Disaster phases of the contents

Aftermath of a disaster (72 hours) / Reconstruction


All (Including Women's fire prevention clubs, Neighborhood associations, School children)

How to implement BOSAI Tourism Contents

Lecture tour

Organization Names

General Incorporated Association FRAM NATORI Yuriage Association for Disaster Conveyance


TEL:090-3583-1359 FAX:022-382-6210