BT0036 Minamisanriku Town

Learning Program Conducted by a Kataribe (Narrator)

Contents/ Itinerary for BOSAI Tourism

In this program a Kataribe guides (disaster storyteller / eyewitness) talk about their actual experience of the earthquake disaster and the lessons they learned from the earthquake disaster, while showing a slide presentation. In addition, in a 1 hout tour of tsunami affected areas a Kataribe guide explains the situation at the time of the disaster aboard the visitors' bus. In either case, the Kataribe (narrator) guide will accompany you to the designated place in Minamisanriku Town and will guide you to the program after that.
Course Example of a Tour of Affected Areas
San San Shopping Village == ruins of the Disaster Prevention Office == former Togura Junior High School == through the New Fish Market == via the Bayside Arena == arriving at San San Shopping Village.

What we want to tell through the experiences of BOSAI Tourism Contents

We will convey the threat of natural disasters, the importance of life and the bonds with family. We will reconsider the charm and the value of the area where we live.

Minimum capacity

10 people (the fees written below are applied for individuals also)

Maximum capacity

Up to 120 people

Fee (Per person or per activity) for BOSAI Tourism Contents

This is a program where you can select a lecture conducted by a Kataribe (narrator) guide and a tour of tsunami affected areas.
(1)Kataribe (narrator) guide lecture: 60 minutes (projection of slides in a room and guide lecture.)
(2)Tour tsunami affected areas: 60 minutes (explanation of affected areas by a guide aboard the visitors bus)

Please select your desired plan the following.
A)(1)Lecture +(2)Tour
Up to 20 people per bus:20,000 yen (tax not included)
* Additional 1,000 yen (tax not included) per person will be charged if more than 20 people.
B)(2) Tour only
Up to 20 people per bus:10,000 yen (tax not included)
* Additional 500 yen (tax not included) per person will be charged if more than 20 people.
C)(3) Lecture only
* 15,000 yen (plus tax and separate venue fee are not included) regardless of the number of people.

* In case of two or more buses or about a student group discount, please consult with us.

Required time for BOSAI Tourism Contents

About 2 hours

Disaster Categories

Earthquake / Tsunami

Disaster phases of the contents

Aftermath of a disaster (72 hours) / Reconstruction



How to implement BOSAI Tourism Contents

Lecture / Lecture tour

Organization Names

Minamisanriku Tourism Association


TEL: 0226-47-2550 / FAX: 050-3397-1726