BT0038 Minamisanriku Town

Minamisanriku BIO Facility Tour

Contents/ Itinerary for BOSAI Tourism

Participants will hear an explanation at Minamisanriku BIO Facility about how garbage is collected through the cooperation of residents, and then recycled into energy and liquid fertilizer. They will learn about how Minamisanriku BIO Facility works, the facility which is at the very heart of recycling efforts in Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture
• Participants will be given a tour of Minamisanriku BIO Facility – the facility which is at the very heart of recycling efforts in Minamisanriku Town.
• Participants will visit the symbol facility of reconstruction efforts using the lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake
• Residents who are involved in recycling-oriented community developments will guide participants around the town.

What we want to tell through the experiences of BOSAI Tourism Contents

Based on the lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake, Minamisanriku Town in Miyagi Prefecture is aiming to produce an energy independent, recycle-based society. It is hoped that these efforts will in turn be a stepping stone in solving similar problems faced throughout Japan.

Minimum capacity


Maximum capacity

40 people Please consult us if there are over 40 participants.

Fee (Per person or per activity) for BOSAI Tourism Contents

Less than 15 people: 37,500 yen per group
15 people and more: 2,500 yen per person

Required time for BOSAI Tourism Contents

Approximately 90 minutes

Disaster Categories

Earthquake / Tsunami

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