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BT0052 Sendai City

[Lecture] Making use of women's point of view: what we can do (Targeted at women's fire prevention club and so on.)

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Think about reasons why a woman's point of view and the support of the local community are necessary based on what happened in the Great East Japan Earthquake. Following this, we will clearly report points of taking advantage of women's power at each stage of preparation in advance such as at the time of a disaster, living in an evacuation center, and restoration assistance. Test out skills that will be of good use at the time of a disaster, such as arranging dishes using emergency food and making plates using Origami.

What we want to tell through the experiences of BOSAI Tourism Contents

When disaster support activities at evacuation centers and local areas are androcentric, there tends to be a lack of consideration towards women. When there are female members in shelter management, the support necessary for women is recognized earlier. As there are various circumstances among women, small pointers on support will be given.

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