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BT0059 Tagajo City

Learn the lesson of an urban tsunami.

Contents/ Itinerary for BOSAI Tourism

In the case of a tsunami hitting urban areas and flatlands, it can be different from usual in various aspects such as movement, speed and so on. Learn about the condition and characteristics of the urban tsunami through the experience of the tsunami which struck Tagajo City, Miyagi Prefecture in the Great East Japan Earthquake and how damages vary according to geographical conditions. Deepen understanding about tsunami through listening to the real experience from disaster victims as well as a workshop with them, and view traces left by the tsunami while walking around the city.
1. Suenomatsuyama: City designated cultural property. (30 minutes)
2. Yahata/Sakuragi: Around National Route 45 / Industrial road. (30 minutes)
3. Workshop

What we want to tell through the experiences of BOSAI Tourism Contents

Comprehension of the threat of the urban tsunami, the situation of damage, and how to act when a tsunami is coming.
A part of Tagajo City of Miyagi Prefecture faces Sendai port, and the urban area is also close to the sea. However, because Sendai harbor is mostly used as a trade port, the trunk road, as well as the industrial area obstructs residents view and the sea is not visible. Therefore, awareness of the tsunami reaching was low, and many people lost their lives.

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2 hours 30 mins.

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Earthquake / Tsunami

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Aftermath of a disaster (72 hours)


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