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Disaster simulation program

Contents/ Itinerary for BOSAI Tourism

This is a simulation program with the situation of an earthquake with an epicenter directly below Tokyo.
What if an earthquake with an epicenter directly below Tokyo occurred when you were in university...? What if the university became an evacuation center soon after...? What kind of actions would you take?
After the simulation, local residents who experienced life in an evacuation center talk about their real experiences.
Rather than learning know-how, this program helps with mental preparation for disasters.
〇 Time schedule
・Watch the video about the Great East Japan Earthquake (5 minutes)
・Group work "Imagine the situation immediately after an earthquake occurred" (55 minutes)
・Role play "Spend a night at the gymnasium which became a shelter"
・Discussion "Deal with troubles, which might happen, during living in an evacuation center for one month "
・Real accounts from people who have experienced living in an evacuation shelter and summary.

What we want to tell through the experiences of BOSAI Tourism Contents

Disasters happen suddenly without any notice. So instead of learning know-how in a classroom lecture act out and discuss "What you would do, in your case" to simulate the situation immediately after an earthquake occurred and living in an evacuation shelter. Learning from the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we would like to contribute to disaster risk reduction in the future.

Minimum capacity

Minimum of 10 people

Maximum capacity

Up to 30 people

Fee (Per person or per activity) for BOSAI Tourism Contents

2,970 yen per person

Required time for BOSAI Tourism Contents

4 hours

Disaster Categories

Earthquake / Tsunami

Disaster phases of the contents

Disaster preparedness / Aftermath of a disaster (72 hours) / Emergency restoration



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