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Disaster prevention, mitigation, and preparation

Contents/Itinerary for BOSAI

Learn about preparation for disaster prevention and mitigation for easy application.
・Lectures and practical skills: disaster prevention game, how to use fire extinguishers, making a stretcher with a blanket, creating warm lights with bottles, and creating simple stoves with empty cans.
・Workshops about emergency kit items, food stocks, how to contact your family, and so on.

What we want to tell through our BOSAI contents

・The importance of self-help and mutual aid, and thinking about what each of us can do for disaster preparation and mitigation.
・It is essential for all of us to have sense of danger.
・Protect your life on your own.
・Natural disasters will never cease, but together we should be able to decrease the number of people affected.

Minimum capacity


Maximum capacity


Fee (Per person or per activity)

Prices: Negotiable

Required time for BOSAI contents

1-2 hours

Disaster Categories

Earthquake / Tsunami / Torrential rain and typhoon

Disaster phases of the contents

Disaster preparedness / Aftermath of a disaster (72 hours)



How to implement BOSAI contents

Lecture / Workshop

Organization Names

Disaster Prevention Education Citizen Group "Yuriage Kamome"


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