BT0101 Natori City

Yuriage's rest terrace 「Kawamachi-terasu Yuriage」

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Facility: About 26 shops
Food: Several cafes and cafeterias where you can enjoy the taste of Yuriage
Shopping: Sweets, fresh and processed marine products, vegetable market, etc.
Strolling around: Have a relaxed time on the riverside terrace.

Lecture (only upon request. Please inquire before coming.)
Yuriage area of Natori City suffered severe damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011. In March 2020, reconstruction was announced as completed, and various facilities newly opened.
Many new leisure and tourist facilities will be built and further new developments are expected to take place. Upon request, we can offer a lecture about the particularities of the Kawamachi-terasu Yuriage and planned developments.

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We would also like to raise awareness of the development of leisure and tourist facilities such as the Disaster Memorial Park, Yuriage Morning Market, Yuriage yacht harbor, Cycle Sports Center, Natori Trail Center, Yuriage Onsen and much more. We want to introduce visitors to the charm of the new relaxation space of Yuriage located in close proximity to Sendai Airport, the gateway to Miyagi Prefecture.

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