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BOSAI + Tourism Contents List

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Area Photo BOSAI + Tourism contents title Organization Names How to implement BOSAI contents Required time for BOSAI contents

Watari Town

Narrator Guide - Learning the Facts and Lessons of the Earthquake Damage in Wattari Town, Miyagi Prefecture -

Wattari: Earthquake Disaster Narrator Group

Lecture tour

Approximately 60 minutes - 90 minutes. (maximum of 90 minutes) Available Hours: 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Watari Town

Reconstruction Volunteer Tourism at the Local Farm,

NPO Watari Greenbelt Project

Self-guided tour/ Other (Experience-based tour)

1 - 3 hours After your farming experience, eat a lunch full of the vegetables harvested on the farm! Contact us for more details.

Iwanuma City

“Millennium Hope Hills” Iwanuma Reconstruction Agriculture Tourism

Iwanuma Minna no Agritourism and Innovation General Incorporated Association

Other (Tree planting and tree care experience, Agricultural experience, and Other activities)

1 - 6 hours

Natori City

Storyteller Tour

General Incorporated Association FRAM NATORI Yuriage Association for Disaster Conveyance

Lecture tour

About 1.5 hours (including shopping time at the Yuriage Saikai market)

Natori City

Yuriage Guide

Tsunami Reconstruction Memorial Museum "Memoire de Yuriage"

Lecture tour

90 minutes

Natori City

Tour of the Advanced Agricultural Information Station (AIS) on

Miyagi Prefectural Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture


Approximately 60 minutes

Tagajo City

Interactive Theater Disaster Preparedness Content


Workshop / Self-guided Tour

30 minutes

Tagajo City

City Walking Tour to Study the Tagajo and Jogan Earthquakes and Tsunamis

community café & guided tour TAGANOKI

Lecture tour

2.5 hours

Shichigahama Town

Kadappe Shichigahama Disaster Affected Sites Guide

Kadappe Shichigahama

Lecture tour

60 minutes (length and contents negotiable)

Matsushima Town

Learning about Traditional Japanese Culture and the Culture of Disaster in a Kimono  (Rental Kimono and Souvenir Furoshiki)

rental kimono Ume luv

Workshop / Other (Kimono experience)

1.5 hours