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BOSAI + Tourism Contents List

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Area Photo BOSAI + Tourism contents title Organization Names How to implement BOSAI contents Required time for BOSAI contents

Higashi-Matsushima City

Leaning BOSAI from Jomon Era History

The Historical Museum of Jomon Village OkuMatsushima


30 - 60 minutes

Higashi-Matsushima City

Tour in Affected Areas with a Tourist Volunteer Guide

oku-matsushima volunteer guide club

Lecture tour

* Approximately 2 hours

Higashi-Matsushima City

Tour in Higashi-Matsushima City Reconstruction Memorial Park of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Higashi-Matsushima City Reconstruction Memorial Park of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Self-guided tour

Around 30 minutes - 40 minutes

Higashi-Matsushima City

Disaster Preparedness Experience Program

Miyagi Prefecture Matsushima Nature Retreat

Other (various experiences)

Will differ according to the type of disaster preparedness experience program to be implemented For details, refer to "Matsushima Nature House Activity Program" on the website.

Higashi-Matsushima City

Learn While Having Fun at KIBOTCHA: Disaster Preparedness Camp

Kirintyou Inc. "KIBOTCHA"

Lecture / Workshop / Self-guided tour / Other (Practical training)

2 days (1 night) – 5 days (4 nights)

Ishinomaki City

Create a Reason for Living: Fishery and Tourism in Ogatsucho, Ishinomaki. Aim for the Revival of the Town and People's Hearts

Reconstrucion Assistance Business Expert Net

Lecture tour

2 days 1 night

Ishinomaki City

Sant Juan Bautista Museum: East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster Records and Movie Screening of


Self-guided tour

Only movie:20-minute Guided facility tour including movie (up to around 20 people): Approximately 40 minutes - 1 hour

Ishinomaki City

[Disaster Preparedness Education 1] Learning about the meaning of the 10-meter Giant Tsunami Warning and the Characteristics of a Tsunami Influenced by the Terrain (including the on-site guidance).

General incorporated association Ogatu-flowerstory

Lecture / Lecture tour

120 minutes - 150 minutes

Ishinomaki City

Ishinomaki Narrator Guide Tour

Disaster Preparedness Project General Incorporated Association

Lecture tour

90 - 180 minutes

Ishinomaki City

Learn from the regional strength that overcame the disaster. Let's go to the beach on the Oshika Peninsula!

"Let's Go to the Beach!" Executive Committee (Secretariat: Third Stage General Incorporated Association)

Lecture / Workshop / Lecture tour / Self-guided tour / Other (evacuation experience, evacuation site management experience and exchange)

1 hour to 2 days (depending on activities)